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KXZ series four-pillar type die spotting machine is designed to better reach the demands of mold matching and repairing in plastic and die-casting industries. It is developed on the basis of our KXS series frame type die spotting machine.

The main body structure of this equipment is welded with steel plate. And the four guide pillars are made of chrome plated high-quality carbon structural steel. It is composed of upper crossbeam, moving beam, guide pillar, base, upper and lower worktable, hydraulic system, auxiliary platform, etc.

It is equipped with turnover device, balancing descending device, self-weight descending device, ejection device and side core pulling device.

It is applied with advanced hydraulic and electronic control technology. Timing, quantitative and accurate oil pressure transmission can effectively reduce energy consumption and save cost. Mitsubishi PLC control system makes the machine more stable and more secure.

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